La Philosophie pour enfants, plus qu’une discipline une pédagogie pour construire un monde meilleur


Le tout dernier paragraphe de l’autobiographie intitulée A Life Teaching Thinking de Matthew Lipman :

Finally, it is my hope that after reading this account of my life, the reader will be in no doubt that I love philosophy and that I love the world that has produced something as beautiful as philosophy. I feel for philosophy what an astronaut might feel at the sight of the earth’s sphere, all green and brown and blue, as it appears from a space station. It is the beauty of philosophy that has driven my desire to open the minds of educators to the extraordinary possibilities inquiry can open to the children in their care. Philosophy keeps our thinking honest and when thinking is performed with integrity it increases a child’s capacity for growth beyond the proudest parent’s expectation. It is also my hope that Philosophy for Children will become accepted across the world, not just as another strand in the over-crowded curriculum but as a pedagogy that will build a better and more reasonable world for our children and their children to inhabit : a world that looks as beautiful across the street as it does from the distance of space.



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